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MBBS, DVD, FAIMS, FRSM    Regd. No. 61649
Dermatologist Cosmetologist Trichologist

Dr. Manjiri Bhusari, Director of Mojo Mrakle Centre has been practicing since last 25 years. Mojo Mrakle Centre gives a comprehensive treatment for Clinical and Non-Clinical ailments Of Skin and Body with the help of various consultants. Mojo Mrakle helps in scientific weight loss and therapeutic approach to beauty treatments apart from clincal cases. With various experienced specialists it guides its clients to transform themselves. Mojo Mrakle Centre is one of Mumbai's renowned facility that boasts of path breaking cosmetic care to address obesity, hair and skin problems. The clinic makes use of transformational advances in technology for wellness, beauty and weight management. We excel in providing non-surgical solutions that are cost-effective and also deliver tremendous success rates in the health care and cosmetic care market in the region. The experts at the clinic undergo intensive training at leading facilities and are certified as per the industry standards to perform advanced procedures that add more life to years rather than mere years to life.

Dr. Vishwas Sapatnekar

MS(Mum), FISPARS(USA), MISHRS(USA), FMAS Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon

Mrs. Aditi De

M.Sc. ( Food and Nutrition), Dip. Diet Dietitian and Nutrtional Consultant

Bapat Pathology Laboratory Collection Centre.


Face glow, Pimples & Scar treatment, Chemical Peel and Laser Facial, Laser Toning, Microdermabrasion and Diamond Polishing, Brightening and Pigmentation, Botox & fillers, Black & White Patch Treatment, Under Eye Bags & Dark Circle, Tattoo Removal by Laser,Face Lift, Dermaroller for Acne Scar,NB, UVB light & Colour Therapy, Moles, Wart & Skin Tag Removal.


Permanent Hair Removal by Laser , Hair growth , Laser Comb Treatment , Stem Cell Therapy , Hair Transplant ,PRP, Hair Regrowth.


Hair Grafting , Liposuction, Scar Revision, Mini Tummy Tuck , Tattoo Removal , Vitiligo Surgery.


Instant inch/weight loss , Body Reshaping and Sculpting, Non - Surgical spot reduction of fat , Diet Counselling , Body Composition Analysis , Muscle toning and firming, Double chin & Cellulite reduction, non-surgical face lift.

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